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How does the zone sniper template work?

Are you tired of taking trades and getting stopped out only to have the trade come back and do what you though it would? We have designed the perfect solution to help you make better trading decisions, the exact tools that we use and that completely changed the way we trade. Using our sniper zone template you will be able to narrow down your entry to less than 25 pips. It can also be used to place your stop loss and take profit targets. We understand most people do not have the time to be starring at the screen all day and know the confusion it can bring. Now you will know exactly when a major move in the market is likely to happen. Never miss an opportunity whether you are working, on vacation, or any other place as long as you have access to your trading view platform on your cell phone or Meta Trader 4 on your computer.

Having a hard time knowing where to enter a trade?

Try our Zone Sniper template for free and instantly improve your trading performance. Just click below.

Instantly improve your odds in any trade you take, no matter the strategy!

Copy Our Trades (COMING SOON)

Make money while you sleep, work, or play completely hassle free. When we trade our account, your account will automatically trade too. When we move our Stop Loss or Take Profit, your trade will do the same. We specialize in having high precision entries to minimize draw down, never risking more than 1 percent on any single trade.

Our Trading Performance

Why Choose Lucra Capital?

We do all the complex analytics to make it easier for you to profit from your own trades and/or using our copy trade service.
Our strict risk management strategy will give you peace of mind, minimum risk to reward ratio of 1:3.

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“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin

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