Start Trading, Like a Pro.

Sniper Packages

Most Affordable!

⚫Recommended for traders with plenty of experience as the pre-recorded intro video will be general instructions on how to set everything up and how to use. You could always send us a message if you need extra clarification .

⚫Perfect solution to try some of our products if you are on a budget.

Who’s it for?

⚫ You have 1+ years of experience and you have a strategy that works, but not consistently.

⚫You have your own trading schedule.

⚫All your strategy needs is an extra push to give you an edge.

⚫You know the lingo and have your own technical analysis tools.

⚫You don’t require or would not like a mentor to guide you.

Who’s it for?

⚫All of the above characteristics.

⚫You want to have access to more charts to trade.

⚫Looking for some mentoring to sharpen up.

⚫You want to have access to our technical analysis page on trading view, where we mark up all of the possible swing trade opportunities.

Who’s it for?

⚫You are a new trader and want to learn how to be consistently profitable in just a few months.

⚫You are an experienced trader but not consistently profitable.

⚫You are an experienced trader and are profitable, but you never settle when it comes to investing in your knowledge.

⚫You are looking maximizing your returns, on both your time and your capital.

⚫You are looking to benefit from a mentor with our 1 on 1 zoom meetings.

⚫You want a fully equipped trading tool arsenal that equips you with everything you need to be a profitable trader.(Easy to use and understand indicators, and technical analysis tools that come pre loaded).

⚫You are looking for a tailored to your needs education plan.

⚫You are a busy person with work and/or family, and do not have the time to study for hundreds or thousands of hours to learn everything from scratch.

Work to Live, Not Live to Work

The main reason most of us were first interested in Forex is because of the profit potential and relative short work day. So then why get stuck behind the screen all day looking for opportunities when in reality the best trade set-ups happen in 1-2 hour windows. The set-ups happen twice a day, and you really only need to be up for one of them. The trick is knowing what to look for.

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